9 feet tall Sasquatch statue coming to Chewelah Peak

Love that Bigfoot is becoming real to more and more people!

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By BRANDON HANSEN/ Chewelah Independent)

Famous Chewelah artist David Govedare takes on his next big project: putting a Sasquatch on 49 Degrees North ski hill

49 degree Govedare

Nine-feet tall, a Pacific Northwest legend is coming to Chewelah Peak…

Famous sculptor and artist David Govedare feels areas like Chewelah are unique. North of us is wild Canadian timberland, the Yukon and then the Arctic Circle. With vast land and wilderness surrounding us, who is to say a creature like Sasquatch doesn’t exist?

“I follow credible evidence around the world of various Sasquatch sightings,” Govedare, a Chewelah resident, said. “There seems to be real evidence of a species around the world. It seems they’re built as beings that can run and truly live and exist in the same kind of environment we live and play in.”

The upright walking, ape-like creature that has a whole festival dedicated to him in Chewelah (Psychic…

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9 feet tall Sasquatch statue coming to Chewelah Peak

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